British singer-songwriter Superheart has a voice that makes you fall in love. On his latest single, ‘After Midnight’, Superheart supplements those vocals with a dream-pop soundscape befitting any late hour excursion. And the 405 is of course here with the premiere.

There’s power in subtlety. With ‘After Midnight’, Superheart carefully curates the layers so as not to overwhelm. Not every emotion needs to be pushed to the brink when accommodating for the push and pull of dynamics. Superheart is able to keep the energy flowing through those placid notes and out into the world without falling flat.

This is achieved through the care put into the compositions layering. Reverb drips from each pluck of the guitar. Glittering keys and undulating electronic washes pirouette. A mid-tempo beat and bubbling bass keep the flow moving forward without pushing the downbeat. And of course, the vocals. If executed improperly, falsetto will either be breathy and flat or strained from lack of diaphragm support. Superheart glides along that upper register with ease.

‘After Midnight’ is refreshing while having no reservations of feeling familiar. You deserve a few minutes of a pleasant escape you know will always lead you home.