In the lead up to Supersonic Festival, which takes place the 21-23 of October in Birmingham, we're going to be bringing you some Q&As with some of our favourite acts set to take grace the Custard Factory.

First up we have the amazing White Hills, who recently released the fantastic H-p1 (which we gave a glowing review).

We speak to the "ear-blistering space rock" band about the festival, who they're looking forward to seeing, festival collaborations and H-p1.

Are you looking forward to playing Supersonic?

Of course!

Are you aware of the festival's reputation?

Sure...I've been eyeing it for a while now.

Who are looking forward to seeing?

If I get the chance, I'd like to see Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, Tony Conrad, The Skull Defekts and Scorn to name a few.

I've seen you collaborate with Oneida at ATP and I've heard your album with GNOD, what acts at Supersonic would you consider collaborating with?

Definitely any of the bands that I mentioned above. Besides that Eternal Tapestry, Barn Owl, Silver Apples, Bardo Pond...this list could go on and on!

How has your own sound changed with this current album (H-p1)? is White Hills something that is always evolving?

At times H-p1 is very aggressive and others extremely pastoral while always retaining a feeling as if you are floating or being tossed around in space. The sound is very dark and threatening as well. It's the sound of frustration, monotony and the mundane. It breathes of wanting to break through and change. It's the soundtrack to humanity at this point in history.

I look at White Hills as an ever evolving piece of performance art. So, yes I'm always looking at different ways to change and evolve.

As a band where would you take your sound next?

The sky is the limit.

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