Apple's iPad has dominated the tablet market since its release in 2010. Microsoft finally hit back today with the unveiling of Surface - their new line of Windows 8 tablets.

So, what can Surface do? Well, using either an Intel or ARM processor it can run Photoshop and Microsoft's Office programs, and users who opt for a tablet using Intel's x86 tech will be able to run a classic desktop that, allegedly, can run programs built to run on older versions of Windows.

The Surface's screens are larger than the iPad, but reports already say that the tablet is considerably heavier. Users will also be able to use a number of peripherals with the device, including a Pen Input, as well as covers with integrated keyboard and trackpad technology.

The ultimate question - is this going to kill the iPad? Of course it isn't. Apple users are fiercely loyal, as are hardcore Windows users. This just means that the market will have even more choice when it comes to Tablet shopping. Who knows - a bit more competition might make Apple push themselves even harder in 2013.