After scoring some BBC Radio 1 play via Kode9's residency there, New Zealand-based footwork producer/DJ Surly unveils his self-titled EP through prestigious US footwork collective Juke Bounce Werk. Five songs long, the EP sees Surly fleshing out a series of interzones that connect jazz and jungle/drum and bass with footwork and juke, while suggesting new potential pathways forward for those producing within these realms.

From the sultry future lounge music vibes of 'Burn', to the jungle/drum and bass informed riot music of 'Serious' and 'Back In the Jungle' and the Rnb inflected bravado of 'Drown', the EP gives us a compelling window into several sides of an extremely promising emerging talent. Juke Bounce Werk member Kush Jones features on 'Full Nelson', adding some stuttered chants to Surly's woozy bounce.