On Sunday night, a mysterious email was sent out and told fans of the group Secret Music (held by Secret Cinema) to meet at London's Barbican Centre to get ready for a secret show. Shortly after the actual start of the event, things got a bit weird.

From the information we have, the citizens who take residence near the Barbican Centre were not too pleased with the music that was being played and more likely than anything, the volume and timing of the event - it being a late Sunday night, as pictured in the photo above.

Speaking with Zack Winfield - a resident who was at the controversial gig - the original plan by the police (that were called upon by Barbican citizens to have the show stopped) was to have the gig played at a lower volume. However, that was stopped when Barbican residents stepped up to the front of the stage and literally pulled the plug on the show, during a performance.

Although the situation seemed to be a perfect storm for a very bad situation, it all settled down without much confrontation at all, except for a few scattered boos. All this comes down to is common sense and making sure you've got the right/permission to play where you would like, it seems.

Update: We just received a press release about the event. It confirms that the "concert featured British MC Ghetts and was organised by Fabien Riggall of Secret Cinema in protest of last week's unexplained cancellation of the Just Jam event at the Barbican."

"I dropped the Rebel album on Sunday and wanted to do something disruptive that focused on the art form and energy of Grime music," Says Ghetts. "Having hooked up with creative Rebels at Secret Cinema we wanted to merge our worlds and showcase our ideology of the art form that is youth culture. Yesterday was about removing this stigma and showcasing that even though the music has traces of anarchy this doesn't mean it will translate into the physical."