The music scene around Surrey and Hampshire is currently thriving with the likes of Sissy And The Blisters and Foe drawing plaudits from all over the place. A diverse and communal spirit encompasses throughout all the local bands (see the nods to each other in the Hold Your Horse Is and Our Lost Infantry videos *), and to celebrate this, the guys behind the local Rage fanzine, Songs Of Rage, have brought together ten of the finest bands from the area for a free compilation album, of which you can download here, or alternatively from here. On the album you’ll find songs by many bands previously covered and loved by The 405, and hopefully some new favourites. Songs Of Rage ask that the songs are shared by as many people as possible, so that the rest of the country can realise how strong a scene Surrey and Hants currently has. The full tracklisting is: 1. Stagecoach – Hieroglyphics 2. Foe – Tyrant Song 3. A Stranger In Moscow – Misconstructed Beats 4. Cities Of Glass – Clever My Dear 5. Freeze The Atlantic – The Alibi 6. Little Signals – Head Over Fire 7. Our Lost Infantry – I Love You, Sandra Billson (The Last Dance) 8. Hold Your Horse Is – You Show Up 9. Charlotte Clark – Live A Little 10. Sissy And The Blisters – Hey Betty *These videos: ///Songs Of Rage is a Christian community focussed on serving the Surrey and Hants alternative music culture. To find out more, visit