It was announced yesterday that amongst those who had tried Apple Music, 48% are no longer using the service. Further findings, according to a survey by MusicWatch, were that only 77% of iOS users seem to be aware of Apple's new streaming service, and of that 77%, just 11% are currently using it.

The report also stated that 64% of current Apple Music users say they are likely to continue using it after the free trial, becoming paying subscribers to the service. However, 62% of current users also admitted they had the turned off the auto-renewing subscription option, meaning they'll have to remember to actively subscribe to the service later when the time comes.

If the findings of this survey (conducted on 5,000 U.S. consumers aged 13+) are anything to go by, the bigger picture will see Apple Music behind both Deezer and Spotify, in terms of subscribers, when the free trial period is over. On the other hand, Apple say they have 10 million users already, but this information can't be taken seriously until that trial period finishes, which is bound to see a different figure to Tim Cook's vague "millions and millions".

"In terms of benchmarking Apple Music, 40 percent of iOS users are buying digital downloads from iTunes, suggesting trial of Apple Music could be higher," says Russ Crupnick, managing partner of MusicWatch. "That's the disadvantage of not being the first mover in a market where very good services currently exist."

Apple themselves have refuted the claims of the survey, telling The Verge that it's actually 79% of free-trial users are still using Apple Music. Regardless, and given Apple's track record as ruthless when it comes to business, we can't imagine them being content in second or third place. They'll want to win. A proper ad campaign for Apple Music haven't even begun – it's primarily an online debate between various music industry entities at the moment – and when they do, the ubiquity of their campaign is likely to boost awareness, subscribers, and that all important cash flow, like nobody's business.

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