Slinking back into view after the strong Triangle, Susanna is seeking new inspiration in old songs. Due to return early next year with an album of covers, Go Dig My Grave, naturally, she's not content to present the expected. Grabbing seemingly disparate tracks, Susanna has melded them into a cohesive, surprising whole.

'Freight Train' serves as a taste of what's to come. Discovered crate digging, the track hails from Elizabeth Cotten's When I'm Gone. Susanna explains, “I am deeply fascinated by how people think of death, as the final rest or the moving beyond to something new- do you find comfort in thinking it’s all going to end some day or do you fear it.” A tantalizing tease indeed. Listen to her version of 'Freight Train' below.

Susanna's Go Dig My Grave will be released on February 9th via SusannaSonata.