On April 22, Norwegian artist Susanna will deliver her new 22-track album Triangle via SusannaSonata. But leading up to the anticipated release, the talented singer has shared her new track 'Ebb and Flow' from the record.

"I think we're all under the spell of the Moon," she said of the new single. "The old goddess pulls and pushes us, secretly steers us while we go about with our modern life. Thinking we’ve got it all under control, while we’re really under the influence of nature. This song describes the feeling of being held by the force of the moon."

  • Show dates
  • 4th March - by:Larm Festival, Oslo, NO
  • 7th March - Haugesund Billedgalleri, Haugesund, NO
  • 10th March - Tungenes Fyr, Randaberg, NO
  • 16th March - Musikkavdelingen, Trondheim, NO
  • 17th March - Fryd Scene, Ål, NO
  • 19th April – Café Oto, London, UK
  • 20th March - Café Mono, Oslo, NO