Norwegian artist Susanna has never been predictable, and has always enjoyed collaboration. Her last album, Go Dig My Grave, was a collection of skeletal covers, and now, rather than return to a straightforward solo album, she's set off on a new venture. Teaming up with The Brotherhood of our Lady, a collective of four other female musicians, they have created a new album called Garden Of Earthly Delights, which will be coming out on February 22nd via SusannaSonata.

The album Garden Of Earthly Delights is said to take inspiration from medieval Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, and the first track to be shared from the album is called 'City of Hope'. Susanna has explained that the song is "a manic chant for guiding in love and life, with hints of ecstasy in the horizon even though something's lurking in the undertow." It's pretty incredible that in just 2 minutes, the quintet does manage to capture all of these elements in an enlivening and musically inspiring way. Their varied instrumentation cuts exquisite forms across their unusual vocal entanglements, delivering an uplifting result. 'City of Hope' undoubtedly proves that they have an otherworldly chemistry that should carry through Garden of Earthly Delights. Check out 'City of Hope' below.

Look out for Susanna and the Brotherhood of our Lady's album Garden Of Earthly Delights on February 22nd.