Towards the end of 2018 we brought you the news that Norwegian singer Susanna had teamed up with The Brotherhood of Our Lady for a collaborative album called Garden of Earthly Delights, coming out on February 22nd. With that announcement came the song 'City of Hope', an unusual track for sure, but one that certainly brought a sense of optimism suggested by its title. Today they have shared another track from the album called 'Ecstasy X', which does exactly the opposite of what you might expect.

Things are ominous from the jump, as we're introduced via a low drone and ominous church bells chiming in the distance - and the rest of 'Ecstasy X' maintains this foreboding atmosphere. Even though Susanna intones "ecstasy might be achievable" throughout, the surrounding atmosphere of creeping noises, panicked breaths and nerve-shredding vocal drawls suggests otherwise. Rather than move the song to somewhere more comfortable, Susanna & the Brotherhood of Our Lady keep the listener mired in their swamp of unsettling sounds throughout. 'Ecstasy X' is truly the type of the song that you experience more than you hear, and you can do that just below.

Susanna & The Brotherhood of Our Lady's album Garden of Earthly Delights is out on February 22nd through SusannaSonata.