The upcoming album from Southern music legend Swamp Dogg (due out September 7th) is one of the more intriguing prospects on the horizon; the soul stalwart's use of modern instruments has been powerful on previous singles 'I'll Pretend' and 'Answer Me, My Love', and continues to prove potent on the final teaser 'Lonely'.

In a forlornly swinging jazz setting, Swamp Dogg's pitch-shifted vocal sing-speaks his way through the conditions that have left him feeling so 'Lonely'. An impassioned plea to his ex, trying to understand why she's left him all alone, it's hard not to be stirred by his digital mewling as it's poured out in conjunction with bolshy brass and plinking keys. Even this far into his career, Swamp Dogg proves on 'Lonely' that the fire in his loins burns as strong as ever.

Joyful Noise will release Swamp Dogg's Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune on September 7th - pre-order it here.