For the first time since Michael Gira put the 2010-2017 iteration of Swans to rest, the enigmatic frontman has compiled a new, revolving ensemble featuring musical talents that seem almost too good to be true. To launch the new era of Swans, Gira has shared ‘It’s Coming It’s Real,’ the first track from the band’s latest album titled Leaving Meaning, out late October.

With fans’ tireless anticipation now kicked into full-gear, Gira has listed the heaven-sent talents of Anna & Maria von Hausswolff on the new track. Yes, you heard correctly. Anna von Hausswolff’s music—most notably 2018’s Dead Magic— has always channeled Swans’ desolate folk years, and with her (and her sister’s) inclusion, life is now in perfect balance. Ok not really, but the sisters’ vocal harmonization lifts Swans’ latest to new, celestial heights.

Though the track’s dark folk atmosphere is territory Gira has traversed in the past—recalling White Light from the Mouth of Infinity and even Gira’s work as Angels of Light—‘It’s Coming It’s Real’ is a welcome change of pace from the stunning post-rock splurge of the past decade. The seven-minute song does not explode into a chaotic climax that we’ve become accustomed to, however, the von Hausswolffs’ soothing backing vocals paired alongside Gira’s worn voice swell together beautifully, resulting in an experience that more than satiates the hype that had surrounded Swans since 2016’s The Glowing Man.

Pre-order Leaving Meaning here, which will be released on October 25th, 2019 via Young God Records/Mute.