Yesterday, Swans frontman Michael Gira revealed the very, very lengthy details of the band's future and their upcoming live album The Gate. As previously noted, the live album will be the last for the current formation of the band, which will follow with their final tour next year.

Gira's lengthy details were noted with the band's label Young God Records, which has individual pricing details as well for The Gate. Only 2500 physical copies will be released, with the sleeve personally designed by Gira and Nicole Boitos. Gira will also contribute individual artwork to each release. Among the several available packages for the album will be an opportunity (based on the amount contributed) for fans to even be treated to a portrait of them by Gira himself. He notes, "Best efforts will be made at obtaining a likeness but not guaranteed! Style will be expressive and whimsical and drawing will be peppered with praises for your virtues and presumptive status amongst the Gods …"

Check out a portion of the DVD release with The Gate below.

Check out the tracklist below:

Disc One

  • 01 Frankie M
  • 02 A Little God in My Hands
  • 03 Apos/Cloud of Unforming

Disc Two

  • 01 Just a Little Boy
  • 02 Cloud of Forgetting
  • 03 Bring the Sun/Black-Eyed Man
  • 04 When Will I Return (demo)
  • 05 New Rhythm Thing (demo)
  • 06 People Like Us (demo)
  • 07 Red Rhythm Thing (demo)
  • 08 Finally, Peace (demo)