If you wake up at a different time in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?

It's an intriguing concept posited by Chuck Palahniuk's unnamed narrator in his seminal novel, Fight Club. Have you ever wanted to just be someone else, somewhere else, doing something else? Not forever, of course. Just to experience a new life. To revel in the excitement and freedom of being unknown in the vastness of a foreign land.

In some ways, it's a primal urge – the grass is greener 'n' all that jazz – that makes us mortal beings long for escape. It's not a ludicrous notion; it can be done. Heck, it can be achieved just by hopping in a plane and jetting off to another country.

With that in mind, the kind souls at Timberland, in association with Vice, have provided a means to live vicariously through some of the world's most talented up-and-coming creatives. They've partnered up a clutch of four individuals who are to 'life swap' for a weekend, trading their homes, their social circles and their work. It's like Wife Swap, but so much less trashy.

Freaky Fridaying for the weekend are Barcelona furniture designer Marc Morro and writer Sam Smith from London (not that Sam Smith), as well as Milan photographer Claudia Zalla and 'music and technology guru' Willy Iffland of Berlin. The specially selected Timberland Influencers are all up for anything, anywhere, anytime, and swap lifestyles with gusto.

While it might be slightly impractical to drop everything and trundle off to pick up a stranger's life, you can check out how the four lucky switchers above get on here. While you're at it, you can share some of your favourite urban spots using the hashtag #inmyelement so that the rest of the world can see your city through your eyes; if you fancy, you can also explore other cities through the eyes of its citizens.

Where's your element?