Swearin', the indie-emo band featuring Allison Crutchfield, Kyle Gilbride and Jeff Bolt, have announced their re-emergence with a new song called 'Grow Into A Ghost'. It comes along with the news of a new LP called Fall Into The Sun, due out on October 5th on Merge. It comes a full 5 years on from their last album, Surfing Strange, and is what Allison is calling “the adult Swearin’ album.”

'Grow Into A Ghost' definitely shows maturity in Swearin''s songwriting and lyrical themes. A fuzzed-out pop-punk screwdriver, it fizzes forth as Crutchfield lays out her situation, watching the bustling city through the bus window, moving so frantically. As she tries to cling on to her life, her friends around her change and move on. As she watches more and more of her friends 'Grow Into A Ghost' her desolation and disappointment builds, and so with it does the band's aerodynamic rock groove, before blasting out in a brief moment of pure anger. Check it out below.

Fall Into The Sun comes out on October 5th and can be pre-ordered here.