Swedish rapper GNUČČI joins forces with singer/producer Tami T on 'Ultimate Syndrome', which is taken from GNUČČI's forthcoming debut album. Ultimately, the record speaks on the desire to please someone else so much that you exhaust yourself. Would that be considered some sort of off-centred love song? I'm not really sure. But what I do know is the sweet pop styled production combined with Tami's angelic style vocal makes for a perfect match while GNUČČI spits some fire verse. Speaking about the track to The FADER, GNUČČI said: "The collaboration between Tami and I started with Tami asking me for help, which is sweet considering it ended with 'Ultimate Syndrome,' a song about looking for help. The song is a self-made Balkan babe with extreme good girl syndrome, always tryna do the most, be the caps lock HOST, which causes sleep deprivation and a people-pleasing-psychosis."