My nearest and dearest would probably say that it takes a lot to colour me truly impressed, but nine times out of ten, it's a guarantee that I'll fall in love with anything that comes out of Sweden, and fortunately, that's exactly where singer/songwriter Sophia Somajo is from (and even more excitingly, her new single is incredibly impressive.)

Production-wise, 'Sapphire' is a rousing scandi-pop number filled to the brim with slinky synths, booming drums and whimsical pop melodies that reach the pinnacle in the stunningly magnificent chorus.

'Sapphire' appears on Somajo's forthcoming double A side The Blue Chapter (which includes previous single 'Klein Blue') as well as her upcoming EP Freudian Slip Vol. 1 - both of which will be released via Razzia Records and her own label Do It Yourself Bitch Productions.