The more self-made music videos I come across, the more I realize the incredible impact of Norman McLaren. He was notable filmmaker for the National Film Board of Canada who grew to prominence in the 1970s, though he had been active even thirty years prior to that era. In collaboration with Evelyn Lambert, McLaren created a particular experimental short film in 1965 that lent inspiration to the Gothenburg-based producer, Sophomore. That short, and the contemporary new single, are called ‘Mosaic.’

Olle Andersson loves to tinker. When he bought “a dirt cheap lo-fi 8-bit drum machine at a thrift store,” he immediately went home to experiment on it. The first beat he came up with that day ended up becoming the backbone of ‘Mosaic.’ Other elements find their way into the music with time, never cluttering the landscape with too many blips. Similarly, the animation stays organized, even while colors and shapes shift rapidly.

One of the main goals of Sophomore is to create a seamless visual landscape that works with the music. Each of Andersson’s tracks have included striking clips that are inextricably connected to the music itself; the dialogue, then, becomes part of what could be called lyrics in the song. ‘Mosaic’ includes some narration, but this phenomenon is best demonstrated by his older single ‘Suicide Fantasy.’ Explore what Sophomore has up on YouTube to get drawn into his world.

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