Light Vibes is a Swedish duo comprising Erik Klinga and Mathias Zachrisson, who have also worked together before in the band Simian Ghost. Light Vibes isn't exactly a new project, as the partnership has been working on music since the early part of the decade. However, it is only now that they're presenting themselves publicly with the song 'Following'.

'Following' shows off the patience that Light Vibes have had before stepping into the spotlight, as they come out fully formed and charged with a spectral energy that can not have been harnessed overnight. Although the song is luminous and fleet of foot, its subject matter is a much heavier prospect. The band says that 'Following' is "a portrayal of a landscape in the state of mental illness, of being trapped on isolated islands, where we don’t speak about feelings, just keep on dancing silently."

With that beautiful yet haunting image in your mind, head below to listen to 'Following'.

Light Vibes' debut EP, Following, will be coming out on April 20th via Fading Trails Recordings and can be pre-ordered here. Follow the band on Facebook.