RAINDEAR is the moniker of alt-pop singer Rebecca Bergcrantz, who makes affirming and empowering pop music. Last year we picked 'Diamonds In My Chest' as our Track Of The Day for its dusky, low-lit embodiment of human resilience, and it's with pleasure and honour that today we bring you the follow up 'SKY'.

As its title suggests, 'SKY' is RAINDEAR ramping up her sound and sonically reaching for the heavens, with lucid electronics and punchy beats. Lyrically, we find RAINDEAR perturbed but defiant: "It's not the first time I am giving you my all and you are already gone," she begins fearlessly. Written down it seems like an admission of defeat, but in Bergcrantz powerful rendering it's a springboard for strength and growth. As 'SKY' progresses you can hear her rising above her romantic disappointments and settling into a position of power and satisfaction, as she teases "how are you resting? How are you sinking my love?" The detailed electronic production moves through several modes and textures, with RAINDEAR's powerful vocals matching it all the way, finding new ways to shift and reflect off of it, making 'SKY' a symbiotic marvel.

Listen to 'SKY' below.

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