Following the summer release of their “Soaked” single, the first to be takenfrom their upcoming EP (set for release in January 2019), Diskopunk today release new single 'Lilla Pojke', which The 405 is pleased to premiere.

The Swedish band's chord driven pop song is an infectious head-nodder with a heavy thump of percussion and a real lust for life as front-man Antonio America (as he goes by on stage) wails; "It's not that I'm afraid to die, see I just wanna get it while I can".

The five-piece are racking up an impressive collection of dance hits and 'Lilla Pojke' with its smooth pop production and hardcore energy easily extends them. Its a pulsating electro number that wouldn't sound out of place on a synth filled Avicii record.

Talking about the creation of “Lilla Pojke”, the band explains, “Racing between loneliness, hybris, sheer joy and downfall, the song ultimately revolves around fragility, and finding power within it. “Little boy, you are strong. Little boy, you are warm” it translates in Swedish. Together with demon-producer Axel Algmark we found a beautiful soundscape for this one that takes you from 0-110%. CHECK IT.”