Gestures is a trio that has been crackling away in the undercurrent of the Swedish alternative scene for a couple of years, having released a couple of EPs in 2016. Although they lost their drummer post-Bad Taste, they haven't been perturbed, original members vocalist/guitarist Sick Vic and bassist Don Jovi becoming tighter than ever - musically and emotionally. This has led them through the recording of their debut album, which we can today announce is called Funny Games and will see release through PNKSLM on November 9th.

We've also got the first single from the album for you today, a demurely sparkling 3-minute romp through the recesses of garage rock and the human psyche called 'Holding On'. The leap in production quality smacks you in the face from the opening cymbal smash, as Gestures revel in their newfound confidence and dynamism. Although Sick Vic's voice is still frantic and echoing, it's more audible and therefore more exhilarating than ever. As their three-pronged attack of classic guitar-drums-bass weaves and winds its way through the song, he leads the charge from deep inside their punk rock maelstrom, and they come out the other end of 'Holding On' sounding like a band ready to go another 10 rounds. Take a listen below.

Gestures' debut album Funny Games comes out on November 9th and can be pre-oredered now from PNKSLM.