Karlskrona, Sweden-based musician Majken has already caught some early buzz thanks to her utterly captivating voice and delicate sonic arrangements. This is all ahead of the release of her debut album Young Believer, which will be released on December 7th. She says that the record is "about sad teenagers and uncertainty, but it’s also about becoming a grown-up person.”

Recently-released single 'Teenage Desires' is the perfect introduction to Majken and her magical music. It carefully combines harp, acoustic guitar and glitchy electronics in a gorgeous sweep, that is made all the more regal by Majken's beyond-her-years vocal talent and abilities with heavenly harmonies. 'Teenage Desires' becomes all the more impressive when you learn about the recording of it:

”Teenage Desires was the first song I wrote and played on harp. When we re-recorded it for the third time we were in a basement where we had to turn off all the lights to get rid of electrical humming. I barely saw what I was playing and the session went on until four in the morning. Damon fell asleep over the laptop twice while recording and I had the worst harp neck for the next few days. Teaching myself harp has been very interesting, and I’ve become aware of the body’s ability to self-adjust the playing technique in order to get rid of small noises and ugliness I wouldn't notice when I first started playing. I still don’t know if I’m doing it right, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m glad we ended up using a take from that session!"

We're pretty sure she's doing it right, and we're very glad she used the take from that session, as we couldn't imagine one more perfect. Listen to 'Teenage Desires' below.

Young Believer, Majken's debut album, is coming out on December 7th through Kollektivet Records. Keep an eye on what she's up to by following her on Facebook and Instagram.