Swedish artist KLARA has released the breathtaking visuals to equally moving track ‘I Can’t Speak For You’. It’s a spellbinding song that captures the cold climes of the songwriter’s homeland, self-produced alongside Erland Cooper. Both songwriting and structure are kept purposely sparse to allow the dulcet, affecting tones of her voice to shine through in a manner reminiscent of Agnes Obel and Joanna Newsom.

Speaking on the song and the striking video shoot, Klara explains: “I was born and brought up in the south of Sweden, but when I was 10 we moved a little bit north of Stockholm to Darlana. It’s a beautiful place, lots of lakes and forests and we shot the video there. We shot the video out on a snowy field and we were so lucky, because we had heavy snowfall the day before, so we were there for three days with this really beautiful sunny weather.

We put a black, upright, beautiful piano in the field and we opened the top so you can see the inside of the piano. We had to use a tractor to bring it out there, because the snow was very deep. We used some skis to move it along to ensure there was completely untouched snow around the piano. I sat there playing and we had a drone camera flying above us to capture the beautiful snowy field and the vast forestry in the background. It was freezing cold, but it was well worth it, and we had a few hot chocolates inside to warm ourselves up before we went out again, but that’s all part of the fun!”

A clear dedication to both her music and its presentation, Klara’s haunting tones cut through with startling clarity. ‘I Can’t Speak For You’ is confident in its composure, it doesn’t rush or command attention yet it leaves a solid impression.

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