Francobollo are a band made up of Swedes living in London, who have been nudging their way into the city's competitive indie scene over the last few years, culminating in their debut album Long Live Life last year. The band has already started working on the follow up, and the first song to come out of their early attempts is 'Hoo Ha', which came from inauspicious beginnings.

"'Hoo Ha' is a song that came out of a jam. It sounded like a riff that Hoo Ha’s (one of our favourite bands, and dear friends of ours) would play. We named it “Hoo Ha” straight away. When it came to write lyrics, I thought: What does Hoo Ha mean to me? Immediately I thought of the Houses of Parliament, and the way British politics are. And here it is," says front man Simon.

You can certainly hear that jam origination in the song, as it herks and jerks about on perky percussion, jaunty guitars and Simon's howls. When it comes to the verses it's a more measured affair, where the band gets to pontificate a bit: "time is not a straight line/ you can have anything you want, but you've got to give it time." The philosophising goes out the window when it comes to the infectious chorus though, as Francobollo explode into the titular refrain: "it's such a hoo ha here." You can take whatever you want from this song, but you will undoubtedly finish the song with a broad smile and the knowledge that Francobollo are certainly a band to keep an eye on.

Listen to 'Hoo Ha' below.

The band hope to have their second album out late this year. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.