R Seiliog - Robin Edwards - has graced Sweet Baboo's 'Let’s Go Swimming Wild' with his flair for drawn out drones and loops. Born in the basement of a watchmaker's shop in Peniel, North Wales, Edwards attributes his touch with a regimented motorik beat to the early exposure to the ticking of regimented timepieces.

Baboo's bruised falsetto sits comfortably amid a soaring, repeated synth, not going anywhere in particular, dragging your mind up and down all the same. It is not entirely representative of either back catalogue, yet compliments both entirely. Building and building all the time, there is a little post-dancefloor nostalgia about it, shining through the lazy psych haze. The melody is not lost as the rework rattles along its simple and beautiful mortal coil.

Ships, Sweet Baboo's fourth album, is out on Moshi Moshi, April 22.