Do you like hip hop? Well, you're in the right place. Prepare yourself for an 11-minute odyssey of fresh beats. Coming from the mind of 22-year-old producer Oab Jenkins, aka Swellthy, this is Share The Swellth Vol. 1, a beat tape that showcases the immense beatcrafting skills of the man himself. His moniker stands for "Healthy, Wealthy, & Swell" – three aspects of mind, life and vibe that these glorious eleven minutes simply ooze out.

Moving from heavy basslines and raw crashing drumsounds to sampled strings and electronic surges of virtuosity, the beat tape demonstrates not just a variety of influences, but also a superb ability to create immense atmospheres of chill, shades of which range from sunny to utterly nocturnal. This is something to get lost in, something to sit back and chill to, something that begs to fill a room; it's the cure to mundanity, bound to cheer and inspire anybody's day. This is instrumental hip hop at its most admirable, inundated with samples of "…very swellthy…" throughout – an endearing stamp of personality.

Swellthy himself is part of two collectives: Kids of Indigo (referencing so-called phenomenon "Indigo Children", children who purportedly possess supernatural powers), described as a "a movement of artists who stay true to who they are", and GrandStaff Collective, a group of four beatmakers based in Richmond, Virginia. The overriding message is clear, and shared by Swellthy on the bandcamp page for this particular beat tape: "Everybody should share positivity through their art pieces and hopefully this can inspire those who are afraid to release their art work, to do something more to help change the world." Lovely stuff.

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