The divide in the crowd at Village Underground tonight is clear from the start. As the venue quickly fills with groups of young girls in giant backpacks, their mums separate from the pack and stand dutifully at the back, cameras at the ready.

It's not the crowd that you'd expect to see at the east London venue (usually strictly 18+), or at a gig for a band with only a handful of singles and no album to their name, but that's the frenzy Swim Deep generate with their 14 year-old audience. Girls and boys dressed uniformly in denim jackets adorned with hand-stitched Swim Deep badges cluster round the barrier excitedly, waiting for the band to come on.

When Austin, Cavan, Higgy and Zach appear on stage, the screams start. Incredulous looks pass around the calmer (read: older) members of the crowd. It's unlike anything you'd expect to hear at a gig of this nature, these are the type of screams more often reserved for bands like One Direction, but it opens the set brilliantly as the band burst into their first song.

Opening with new track 'Francisco', from upcoming album Where the Heaven Are We, the boys are instantly at ease with the crowd, and play through all of the unheard tracks as if they're old favourites. You'd never guess from the crowd's reaction that these songs are new to them, as they jump into action as soon as each song begins. The energy in the room is unbelievable, and the band bounce off of it perfectly, looking thrilled at the reception.

They play an eleven song set comprised almost equally of old and new material, and seem excited to finally showcase songs from the long-awaited debut. Whilst the set highlights are undoubtedly Honey and King City, the new tracks hold their place among the singles, and some have the potential to be even bigger than their releases so far. There's still two months until the boys finally release their album, but if it's as good as tonight's previews suggest, they'd better get used to screaming crowds.