The 405 are delighted to premiere the video for Swimming Tapes' new single 'What's On Your Mind', the latest cut from their upcoming EP Soft Sea Blue (out 15th September via Hand In Hive/B3 Sci Records).

It's another brush of the sunny dream pop they demonstrated such flair for last year with tracks like 'Cameos', whimsical but deceptively substantial. They answered questions about the video and Soft Sea Blue below.

What's sort of aesthetic did you want for the 'What's On Your Mind' visuals, what you did hope people took away from this video?

We always felt this song had a bit of a vintage '60s pop vibe, so we wanted something that looked nostalgic. It's mostly found footage and has a spring romance, days gone by feel, hopefully it complements the theme of the song and adds another dimension to it.

How do you feel the 'What's On Your Mind' video fits in line with your previously released videos? How do you want people to visually understand Swimming Tapes?

I think all our videos so far have had a hazy analogue feel, our songs are quite hazy and nostalgic, we use a lot of reverb and like a lot of older analogue sounds – the 'tapes' in our name is a nod to that. There is an atmosphere in old photos, we want to capture some of that.

How are you feeling about your second EP release?

We're feeling good! We just got the 12inches delivered and it was exciting opening a big box of records, holding the sleeve, playing the record. It's great to have a new collection of songs out there, hopefully folk will like them.

How about that Lexington gig coming around the corner? Pretty iconic London venue!

We're really looking forward to it, we've all seen some great bands at the Lexington and had some great nights there. It's a celebration of our EP release, which is special in itself! We'll be wearing our favourite tees, we'll have some hot off the press copies for sale, and we'll be airing a few never heard before tunes, it should be a good one.

Swimming Tapes headline The Lexington, London on 20th Sept. Tickets for that show can be found here.