Here’s Digital Space, the latest EP from Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Swisha, a key member of international footwork/juke collective Juke Bounce Werk (JBW), and a 2016 RBMA alumni.

Five songs long, Digital Space features an appearance from fellow JBW affiliate Kush Jones, and explores a space where footwork/juke sits in harmony with the influence of classic rave music (the lush pads, strings, and starkissed synth notes are all here), while also paying homage to Swisha’s internet-heavy sense of humor. Expect nods to rants from Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex, digs at trash websites, and a sonic architecture built out of cyberspacian melodies, hip-hugging rhythms, and explosive depth charge bass. When was the last time you came across a meme troll with this much soul?

You can purchase Digital Space on bandcamp for $5 USD here.