SWN Fest '09 SWN (Pronounced 'soon' as far as I can tell) is Cardiff's equivalent of The Great Escape. The comparison extends both to the way the whole thing is set across a few days and plenty of venues throughout the city and to the style of bands that play; i.e. up and coming with a few bigger names of the slightly more alternative variety to ensure a decent crowd pull. Did we mention WILD BEASTS are headlining? Ground breaking, literary, potential River Island Models? Speaking of bands (as we have a habit of doing) SWN this year has a pretty awesome lineup, which you can see in full see in full here (thanks efestivals.co.uk!). Tickets cost £45 for a 3-day pass and £17 for a 1-day pass. You might not be considering going due to it being a little too far away (from London that is, if you live there); on the other hand, this might just be the thing to tempt you! Also, two of our photojournalists will be making the trip down to give such a wide array of awesome bands they coverage they deserve, and if you're really lucky you might bump into one of them. Now, wouldn't that make the whole thing worthwhile? 405 Picks WILD BEASTS Unicorn Kid Catherine A.D. Johnny Foreigner Who will hopefully have found their mic by then... Pulled Apart by Horses (A real 405 favourite and contender for best live act going at the mo..?) Get Back Guinozzi (who have just released their debut album. GIRLS THE TWILIGHT SAD Mary Anne Hobbs Beth Jeans Houghton Slow Club Cate Le Bon Sons Of Noel and Adrian (excellent Brighton broody electro ish) Danananaykroyd (another contender for best live act!) So...as you can see, a pretty stonking line up. We will, of course, provide you with full and exhaustive coverage in case you can't/won't make it. In the meantime, if you haven't heard/of any of the above bands we suggest you rectify your mistake post-haste.