The wonderful Alessi of Alessi's Ark fame was kind enough to share with us some of her SXSW photo's and answer some questions too! Hey Alessi, how are you today? I'm well thank you and you? You just got back from SXSW and some LA Shows. How were they? Did you enjoy yourself? SXSW was a lot of fun. Favourite finds were ;The Heartless Bastards, Justin Townes Earle, School of Seven Bells and The Low Anthem. I caught some older favourites too ; Miniature Tigers, Whispertown 2000, Vetiver and Magic Magic. I recommend them all! The weather was beautiful in Los Angeles. I played at The Mint, it has an old timey feel and The 3 of Clubs - it has a great jukebox. The last evening was spent in Long Beach at a bookshop/artspace called (OPEN) Books. I played there a while ago with some local artists (Lili De La Mora and Michael Wysong) and Shea, the sweet owner of the shop, reunited the original line-up of and it was a wonderful evening. Felt great to be all together again. Are there any differences between the British audience and the American audience at your shows? I've been a lucky one so far, in America, people were very polite and hardly made a sound during songs. You seem to be playing shows all the time in London. Whats your favourite/worst thing about playing live? Playing live is fun and it's lovely talking with listeners afterwards.  The worst thing is probably lugging around my amp which i think may weigh more than me! Your debut album was recently released. How do you feel about it now  that it's available to the public? Have you seen it any music stores? The album will be out on the 4th of May, I hope it keeps people good company. A wonderful artist called Laura Levine painted the front cover. Do have a look at her work - she's been painting, taking photographs and writing for many a moon and she also finds time to run a curiousity antique shop! As well as headlining gigs you've often supported other bands but if you could support any band in the world, who would you pick any why? Living on different land masses we don't see eachother often, but I'd like to play with the lovely folks on the album, that'd be a treat. You recent bandstand busking performance was magical. How did you get involved with those guys and did you enjoy yourself? Bandstand Busking got in touch and we spent a great afternoon - those fellows are true music lovers and are building something special. Finally, what does the rest of 2009 have in store for you? There's quite a lot of shows and festivals lined up - I trust we all luck out with lovely weather! You check out Alessi's music out at