One day left in Austin *sad face* but I’m determined to fit in as much as I can today, kicking off in an hour at the British embassy with Ghosting Season. I'm rocking their t-shirt today and was proud to watch them tear up the Madison last night at their first official showcase.


After a few days away and days of walking random roads, of random people I decided to have a taste of home yesterday and basically watched all Brit bands except two. Most of them were kick ass, with one exception..


I started out at the British Embassy to see Dutch Uncles, with their time signatures, rhythmic bass and lead singer Duncan's ankle bending moves, I soon felt at home. They room was very busy and the new material sounded great.


I hung about after to check out Manchester set up D/R/U/G/S on US soil, despite wearing a pot due to a five-a-side mishap, Cal had managed to condense his kit to just a rucksack full in transit and yet, his show was full of those slashed line visuals that we have come to recognise. One of the best electronic acts out of the UK for sure at the moment, as are Ghosting Season who tore up Austin last night. For an electronic outfit there’s a lot of stuff going on: guitars, electronic drum set up, button pressing, nob twiddling (stifle those guffaws). Basically a whole lot of shizz that I can appreciate sonically but can't actually understand! Great show with plenty of movement...

The low point of the day was heading to Filter to pick up my pass to stumble across Ed Sheeran doing some rap shocker that made me want to rip my arm off, dissect it and ram it in my ears to silence the pain. Who listens to this guy? I'm staying with three American girls and they sat through him and his small bump song about a miscarriage, a small bump with fingernails the size of half a grain of rice and him putting his 'spirit' back into her. Oh god, I've just vommed.

The high point and the gestation of many jokes about meat sweats was my first foray into the Texas BBQ. Lets just say the pulled pork, beef brisket and chargrilled chicken platter left me unable to move/breathe for several hours...

Fortunately before I digested the devil, I found some free cocktails and my ears were warmed by the delightful sounds of Races. They're an American band that are about to release a record on French Kissing. They played a gorgeous stripped down set that whet the appetite, and I can't wait to hear the full album when they hit UK shores..

Brwon Brogues

With the madness of 6th street getting a bit much I decided to garage and drone out for a bit, so I headed out and about with Brown Brogues. They had two shows of extremes, the first a Mexican pub car park where the equipment was so thin on the ground that Ben had to wedge one of his drums between his knees and lean it on a garden chair. Oh the glamour. They drove us out of town to this place called 'The Fort' and set up for their second set after we'd seen a drone garage band called The Heavy Times, I digged their sound although the raw looking guitarist and u-streaming freaked me out. But there was a keg of beer and disco lights so how could things go wrong. Brogues played a spectacular set, this kind of raw and garagey set up energises them and it showed.

I finished my night off by checking out Kindness, based somewhere between Berlin and London but originally from Peterborough of all places. Their British Embassy set was packed out and I watched from outside alongside others including Dev Hynes (Blood Orange). The female vocalist had a cracking soulful voice and I'm looking forward to hearing much more from this upbeat outfit.


I headed to the Hype Hotel for my last gig of the night. I'd missed Lower Dens earlier in the week as they clashed with Crocodiles’ only official showcase, but I wasn't going to miss them tonight. I remember seeing them on live at Abbey Road and missing them support Deerhunter in Manchester, but as there has been a substantial change in line up I was keen to hear if the intensity in their music stacked up live. Oh boy, did it. The room was packed solid. They've lost a band member but somehow gained two more, so are far as I could see they're now a five piece. They seriously didn't disappoint, I'm convinced they're going gain momentum in the UK this year and boy do they deserve to...