Head here to visit The 405's SXSW 2014 hub.

The badges. The flight. The rental car. The hotel. Let's face it; you wasted all your money on SXSW before it even started. And now you're in Austin, and you're like how do I feed myself?! But don't worry! Lots of generous people feel your pain. Here are a few tips for all the free (and/or delicious) shit in Austin this week, so you have the energy to weasel your way into Stubb's BBQ on Thursday to watch Lady Gaga dance in a vending machine.

As Austinist has reported, the ever-popular New York City burger joint Shake Shack is expanding to Austin soon. This is very good news for the people in Austin. But this is especially good news for all you folks attending SXSW because in advance of Shake Shack's takeover of the Brooklyn of Texas, Shake Shack will be roving the city in a mobile food truck, handing out those delectable burgers for free. Don't get too excited though. You will wait. In the rain.

  • Would you queue in the rain for free food?

Also an exciting New York import, Dominique Ansel (of cronut fame) is debuting his newest creation this week at SXSW: shot glasses made of chocolate chip cookies, filled with milk. If you missed the Allison+Partners event on Sunday where the big unveiling happened, I'm sure you can get your hands on one for the small price of sleeping on a sidewalk somewhere, in another line, with all the other gluttons for punishment in the city.

My suggestion, though, is to take to the interwebs. Twitter specifically is proving itself to be supremely helpful in pointing Austin's hungry and broke to that sweet spot of free and tasty. @SouthByFreeNoms is on the prowl for coffee, booze, burgers, MAKE YOUR OWN WAFFLES, that won't leave you without enough money to get back home at the end of the week. And more importantly, it will allow you enough time to do what you came to do: see all the music your little heart can stand.

Head here to visit The 405's SXSW 2014 hub.