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Wednesday was fun. Panache Booking had a whole bunch of boat parties, and I went on one at sunset. It was so, so much fun. Delicate Steve, Walter TV, Jacco Gardner and Juan Waters were on the bill. There was an open bar and a really long bathroom line. And so many friends! I've been a fan of Delicate Steve for a couple of years and had seen them at SXSW before, but this time it was on a boat. Everything is a lot more fun on a boat. The sound was fantastic the whole time, and each bridge we passed underneath gave the bands some really, really cool reverb. Everybody would go "wooooo" every time we passed under one because it sounded so cool. I even asked Pierce McGinty from Walter TV some questions!

Cake or pie?
Pierce McGinty: What?

Which do you prefer, cake or pie.
Oh. Pie.

If you could be any body of water, what would you be?
[Thinks for a moment] ...the Ganges.

If you were a drug, which drug would you be?
[Thinks for a long time]

Ibuprofen and adrenaline count too.
[Thinks a little longer] DMT.

Thursday was hard. Everything is hard. I slept in pretty late and tried to go as soft in the paint as possible. Atall played on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, which was badass because bridge shows are always super fun. Atall is a righteous hardcore band. Maybe they were D beat. I won't pretend like I know. But they were good. Lots of fantastic hardcore dancing and jumping around. A couple more bands were supposed to play, but the cops showed up and shut it down. Bridge shows always get shut down, it's just a matter of how long it takes. If a bridge show only lasts for one band, it was probably a really good show.

A friend was leaving the next morning, so I went to meet him for a goodbye beer at the Lost Well. And do you know who was playing? MEDUSA. Yeah. That Medusa, from the '70s. What?! I was very upset I didn't get there sooner or show up with 1,000 doobies. They were fantastic. To be honest I've always kinda made fun of the "fantasy stoner metal" genre -- that's not a real thing but hopefully you know what I'm talking about, with the dramatic vocals and extremely detailed artwork. They put on a great performance, the sound was wonderful, and so many people were so stoked to see them. I also liked that everyone was too stoned to mosh.

It was the perfect way to end the night... until I ended up at a 24-hour diner with Ruby Hatchet. That was actually the perfect way to end the night. Thanks, Ruby!

Friday! It's Friday! It's almost over! I am happy and sad at the same time. I'm very tired and have been screaming all day because I lost my voice but this has been so much cussin' fun. Best week ever!

I work for a brilliant pottymouth who does PR and management and stuff for lots of artists all over the world. Her firm, Other Worldly Contact, is representing Russian rock 'n rollers Mumiy Troll (Vladistovok, Russia) during SXSW and asked me to do some work for one of their shows. It was at Russian House, and lots of people there spoke Russian and would float in and out of talking in it. Like Russglish. It was cool. There were complimentary bellinis with caviar being served, and I'd forgotten to grab something to eat before I ran out the door so someone brought me three. It was very sweet of them but holy shit were they nasty. It was the caviar. What the fuck. That shit is so gross. Why? Why would you eat that? It's like fish-flavored ear wax. No.

Anyway, the chef came over to chat and asked if I liked them. My dumb hungry ass was on sugar-sweet-door-girl autopilot, so I was like "yeah they're great!" and tried to eat an entire one in one bite. That was a really, really bad idea. I tried so hard to keep chewing I really did but my eyes started watering and I had to run outside and spit it out. Jay Trachtenberg from KUTX and his lovely wife got to see me almost throw up. And I gagged on a chef's dish right in front of him! I was really embarrassed. Why is caviar so nasty?

The Ghosts played a very lovely set to an enthusiastic and polite crowd. It had been spittin' outside for a while, going between drizzling and raining and back again. The temperature was just right, the doors were wide open and it was a picture perfect party. They were the perfect music. I was surprised at how good they sounded, considering we were in a bar with brick walls, tile floors and no visible sound proofing. Mumiy Troll sounded great too. Ilya (vocals) was so fun to photograph. He had really cool glasses. I'll show y'all pictures soon.

After the show I did some work at the convention center, took a disco nap in one of the hallways upstairs and hoofed it back to the east side. True to form, I returned to Hotel Vegas. I sincerely forgot I had a badge and asked one of the production managers to walk me in. Oopsy daisy.

It was the Panache Booking showcase and there were so many tight bands! First was Warp (Los Angeles, CA). My roommate and best friend Michelle described them as noise rock, saying "I hate noise rock bands." I thought they were more like a healthy mix of mathy noodling and good heavy jamming but she is entitled to her own feelings. Next was Chad & the Meatbodies (Los Angeles, CA) and they wrecked it dude! I even liked their sound check. They seemed like they were having a lot of fun. I bet they're a blast to hang out with. There was a lot of excellent hair shaking, which is always important, and I thought they sounded kind of like Thee Oh Sees. They do some pretty sweet yelps. I've actually met Chad a few times, the first being at SXSW 2013. The second time he revealed he was on mushrooms the first time, so he didn't remember me. He still doesn't. It's okay.

Next were Twerps (Los Angeles, CA) and they were wonderful! Michelle had even been playing them in her car the other day. I thought they sounded like sunny day bike riding music. And also like Sigur Rós but in English and from L.A. instead of Iceland. Highly recommended.

Michelle and I left and went to The Grand, a pool hall north of downtown that has cheap beer and lets us trash the place every Sunday. It was mega fun. First I saw my friends in Ditch Witch and they were killer. Nice and loud and waily and thrashy. Pay attention to them. BUT: they got cut off!!! Someone unplugged them or something with no warning and it was really rude. They didn't even play that long. I forgot to ask what happened but it was messed up and everyone got pissed.

Vockah Redu (New Orleans, LA) closed the night out like a fucking champion all the hell over the place and like wiggled and rapped and it was so tight. He is super cool and his dancers are really nice and incredible at moving and he was totally hamming it up for my camera. I hope those come out well. It was such a fun set. He was wearing a camouflage kilt, a chest harness and some giant ass braids. We chatted after the show for a couple minutes and I gave him my card. I love giving people my card. It feels very professional. I think we're BFFs now.

It's 5 AM again! I gotta go. I'm gonna sleep for a week when this is all over. I want to cut my feet off and die. I love SXSW.



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