It was my last day at SXSW and I was going to make sure I would go out with a bang. Unfortunately, that bang involved me freezing my ass off all day. With every day at an average of about 70 degrees, it was a bit inconvenient for it to drop down to 40 degrees on the last day of SXSW. I though I was back in San Francisco with the wind, clouds, and near freezing temperatures. I did not like. Anyway, the day started late for me and I found myself at the FUN FUN FUN Fest about a mile and a half away from all the 'official' SXSW activities. Holy Fuck To kick it off for me was instrumental psych-pop band, Holy Fuck. This was the first time I had heard them play this much new material and also the first time I had heard Latin live. As usual, the band sounded fantastic and they always make the impression that they are having fun on stage. I got a lot of, "Who the fuck is this?" from nearby listeners. Prompting me to say "Holy Fuck." And them saying, "Holy Fuck what?" Which just ended up becoming this bad Abbott and Costello route. For entire picture collection, click here. [mp3] Holy Fuck - Latin America from Latin (2010) Fucked Up Next I walked over to the Main Stage and caught Fucked Up for the second time doing what they do best, creating mayhem. Despite the 40 degree temperature and 20 knot winds, lead screamer Damian Abraham managed to take off all but his briefs for the properly warmed up crowd. The setlist consisted of songs from their mighty The Chemistry of Common Life as well as an awesome cover of The Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop. Another energetic performance from this heavy set band. For entire picture collection, click here. Andrew WK Andrew WK Andrew WK? Oh yes. The man took the stage wearing his trademark white T and jeans with a sexy kickboxer/dancer at his side. Now Andrew WK is not about letting you know how he feels about the current economic crisis or the health care debate. Nor will he create surrealistic language or try to take himself seriously, at all. That is the release that happens when you see Andrew WK. You can tell this is just to let go and have a good time. Despite what Pitchfork says (which was hilarious, I must say), Andrew WK is a high energy showcase of mindless fun. For entire picture collection, click here. [mp3] Andrew WK - We Want Fun from Jackass: The Movie (2001) Gwar Gwar Yeah I had to. Gwar is one of those shows you have to see once before you die. I'm sure it's on the Bucket List somewhere. Well if you do decide to see Gwar, remember to keep your distance unless you like getting covered with fake blood. Seriously. Gallons upon gallons were dumped, sprayed, and spit on the crowd either through Michael Jackson's skeleton face, dismemberment, or giant diabolical robots with hoses conveniently attached to their limbs. It was quite a spectacle. The music though, is rehashed thrash metal at it's most generic and hilarious. But seriously, who gives a shit? Look at these fucking pictures! This is insane entertainment in it's truest form. For entire picture collection, click here. Street Sweeper Social Club Street Sweeper Social Club After getting covered with fake blood, which I loved explaining to people, I made my way to see Tom Morello. Woops, I mean Street Sweeper Club. You get the point, Street Sweeper Social may be a soap box rap/rock act that is making as much of a political impact as Project Pink, but to witness the greatness of Tom Morello is something that can not be missed. He is the show. All eyes were on him. As soon as he'd breakout into one of those crazy "solos" of his, the crowd would go wild. While these songs seem a bit uninspired, the talent is there. For entire picture collection, click here. [mp3] Street Sweeper Social Club - Clap for the Killers from Street Sweeper Social Club (2009) Junius After Street Sweeper, I caught metal juggernauts Junius a few blocks down the road. Pretty much anything off the The Mylene Sheath record label is filled with weighty riffs and textured progressions in momentous succession, this was in no way a departure from that. Originally I was going to stay for their following act, Caspian. I decided to instead watch the rest of their set and make it over to see one of my favorite local Bay Area bands. For entire picture collection, click here. [mp3] Junius - Stargazers And Gravediggers from The Martrydom of A Catastrophist (2009) Wallpaper. Once I made it to the Beauty Bar tent, I met up with some fellow Bay Area bloggers and got my groove on as Wallpaper took the stage. Lead singer Ricky Reed's auto-tuned spit and tongue-in-cheek lyrics lead to a non-stop dance party that blends everything from synth pop to R&B with ample hooks around every corner. It was nice place to let loose the remainder of my energy. For entire picture collection, click here. [mp3] Wallpaper. - I Got Soul, I'm So Wasted from Doodoo Face (2009) Rye Rye I left after Wallpaper and made my way back to the hotel. But not before checking out a few songs by Rye Rye. She probably had about 20 or so people in the audience for venue that could hold 10 times that. The M.I.A.-prodigy was still performing like she was rocking a full house though. After about three songs I listened to my exhausted body and dragged my ass back... For entire picture collection, click here. [mp3] Rye Rye - Bang feat. M.I.A. from Bang (2009) [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Mos Def"]Mos Def But no....I had to make one more stop. Apparently Mos Def decided to drop by at the Red Bull stage and drop a few rhymes. I can't make a comprehensive enough review of what I witnessed, but I do remember hearing Umi Says, which is my favorite Mos Def song. That was about it for me though. I was seconds from passing out on the street. Plus I was freezing my balls off. _____ So that's it, our entire SXSW experience in a nut shell. Like I said in an earlier article, the festival is like Disney Land for music lovers. A smorgasbord of performances ranging from the most indie act to ...well, Hole. Even if you don't snag a badge or wristband next year, go anyway. The amount of free shows, parties, and street entertainment is worth the trip and a dream for anyone looking for an insane experience. As for some advice: 1. Wear comfortable shoes. You walk around. A lot. 2. Don't get the idea in your head you'll get to see everyone. It's like any other festival, you need to compromise. Plus, the capacity of these clubs fill up fast. So show up very early if it's a band you know will draw a huge crowd. I made that mistake several times. 3. Try the food. Breakfast tacos. Tex-Mex. I had a deep fried pickle! WTFAWESOME! 4. Pace yourself. I tried seeing bands from 11am to 2am. You can only imagine what I felt and looked like (and smelt like). 5. Don't get too organized. Plans will change. Friends will want to see one band and you'll want to see another. The very essence of SXSW is discovering great music you otherwise wouldn't hear. Just try walking into a venue at half capacity and see who's playing. You may be pleasantly surprised. Hope to go again next year. It is without a doubt the best concert event out there.