Well it's over; the mental-ness of 6th street, the free tacos and endless cans of beer have been put to bed.

I'm sat at the airport after 3 hours sleep wondering how it went so fast. It's been overwhelming, annoying, calm, far out, mental, surreal and just goddam crazy to be honest. I also didn't see half the bands I wanted to, whether that was down to clashes, geography or just plain tiredness, I'm not sure.

But I wanted to squeeze as much in as I could yesterday's final day and so I totally went for it. Kicking off with buddies Ghosting Season who played to a packed out British Embassy, visuals, grooves and beers flowed as well as lentil salad that I at first thought was shepherds pie. I swear, I've never eaten lentil salad in my life.

I finally managed to catch Tynemouths Polarsets in Austin. I've adored these guys for a while and wanted to check out the new set up now the bass has gone from the live set up. It worked well and their ever growing calypso sounds got me in the dancing mood. Was certainly nice to see some friendly faces again, but unfortunately there had been a few cancellations on the day so I was surprised to see D/R/U/G/S take to the stage again.

One band I was not going to miss seeing, after two failed attempts in Austin were Polica. I've fallen hook, line and sinker for their sound and headed to the fringes of the city centre to check them out playing the Filter party. I really don't get the whole queue thing in Austin, I could see into the venue, it wasn't full, yet there was a stream of people queuing. I was directed to the back of the queue despite walking half the way across Austin and having to hear Ed Sheeran for the privilege of having to pick up my wristband. After a twenty minute walk in a searing heat I was not best pleased and let the Filter guy have it both barrels (sorry). It's just frustrating when you want to watch the bands so you can report back and talk about them and you can see the venue isn't full. But thanks to the staff member at Filter who let me in to the VIP entrance to watch the remainder of the set, it was much appreciated.

The band themselves are female fronted, with a bass player and two drummers and kits, and the lack of guitar doesn't stifle things at all. The heavy beats add that extra dimension and I was entranced to watch them.

Time to slow things down a touch though, I had to pace myself after all! So I wandered back onto 6th street. If you're wondering though, my wander was very slow; there was like a gazillion people everywhere and tons of people masquerading as being Irish for St Paddys day. So it was best to escape to a dark basement and watch Milagres play their brand of pretty indie.

After a quick refreshment break it was time to attack the nights line up. Kicking off with a band that I've been a fan of for a couple of years, Savoir Adore. I was expecting the indie pop and wacky retro sounds thrown in for good measure, but not the dance moves. I've officially been accepted into some kind of wacky dance cult, and I'm not arguing..

On the flight over to Texas I was listening to a record freshly released on the Fat Cat label by a band called Odonis Odonis; it's dark, scuzzy and better known as Hollendaze. So in my view there could be no other choice, so I headed around the corner to red 7 to check them out. It was all I'd hoped for and more, and the dark dank environment of Red 7 actually befitted them. Staying in the same house so as to ensure I got to see Bretons main showcase. I also got to see Forest Fire. Music of the indie persuasion and something I'll be definitely looking into when I get back home.

Breton as expected blew my tiny little mind. Lead singer Roman said they'd been looking forward to this show for 7 weeks and asked for the lights to be turned down and for the visuals to be more prominent. Whilst the visuals are a natty addition to the show, all eyes stay firmly on the four piece for the show, and with good reason too...

A step into more eclectic waters followed afterwards with a trip to see Dark Dark Dark, who are signed to local label (to me) Melodic Records. Teir classical soundscape and accordion edge were just the right tonic to bring my heart rate down a few notches.

I ended the night at midnight with my first trip to the Parish. I would have loved to have stayed longer to have seen Beach Fossils but plane time and lack of sleep didn't assist. Therefore I ended my SXSW with Craft Spells. I fell in love with their album Idle Labour late last year and was overwhelmed to finally see them live. Great live show played to a packed room. I left with the biggest smile on my face.

I just want to say thanks to all the people I got to hang with in Austin, and all the bands that soundtracked the highs and lows. Now I'm In LA and I've already spent a fortune on records at Amoeba and bought converse to heal my feet, but Austin I won't forget you. Same time next year then?