Thursday was a tough day for everyone. We were sluggish in our hotel until the mid-afternoon, loathe to rejoin the crowded streets of downtown that now seemed steeped in tragedy. My whole plan for the day had been to stay at the Stereogum showcase which, given its proximity to Mohawk and where the accident occurred, had been cancelled.

So instead we headed over to Pitchfork where I got VIP access thanks to the fact that my brilliant boyfriend is a writer there, now I can't say he never did anything good for me! Kelela had just started spooling out sweet R&B jams from her free mixtape last year Cut 4 Me and sitting in the grass soaking it up felt like a miracle. We wandered over to purchase some barbecue sandwiches at the food trucks that Pitchfork had wisely provided, and then snagged a free beer to split before Isaiah Rashad came on.

I'd never seen TDE's latest signee and after missing Kevin Gates at Pitchfork yesterday, this seemed like a great alternative. But he too was a no-show, and it was definitely real when the DJ apologized for his absence. Weirdly enough, on the way out we saw Isaiah and all of his crew standing outside the Pitchfork VIP entrance, seemingly embroiled in an argument amongst themselves. Then they all seemed to give up and got back into their van. It was weird and some rumors have circulated about what happened, but I had no time for negativity.

Instead we went to check out the line at Fader Fort because Sam Smith had just begun. Of course it was unreasonably long so we started back down 6th street to the Closed Sessions label party and saw a full set from Alex Wiley. Although his flow is a pretty close replica of Schoolboy Q's party rap style, Wiley managed to make it his own with a few lyrical twists and turns—plus his energy was through the roof, something that Q often lacks. Maybe I'm just making this comparison because he was rocking a strong bucket hat look? Either way, we got there about ten minutes before Wiley's set, and by the time he took the stage, the room had tripled in crowd size. Clearly he has a following and it'll be interesting to see where 2014 takes him. Peak moment of the set was when Mick Jenkins jumped onstage and the two performed a track together.

After Closed Sessions we headed just down the street to the Friends of Friends party. It was down in a basement like venue that thankfully afforded some huge plush seats to sit in while we soaked in electronic music galore. I'm going to be honest I don't know that much about who was playing this bill and we were just there to try to catch Jerrome LOL's set and we missed it, so we didn't stay long. For the rest of the evening, I took a field trip from the SXSW downtown area out to a ranch. But I'm writing another article about that so you'll have to wait till a little later today to find out what happened.

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