The internet's beloved The Internet have a new album on the way, but their group members are also working on solo music as well. Syd and Matt Martians have both specifically announced their plans to release solo albums.

Syd has already written fourteen songs for her new record Dive, which she co-wrote with Nick Green. It houses collaborations with Steve Lacy, Hit-Boy, and MeLo-X. "This is my descent into the depth I want the band to get to," she said in a new cover story for The Fader. "For me, this is like an in-between thing–maybe get a song on the radio, maybe make some money, have some new shit to perform."

On top of Matt Martians, who has "very weird and wonky but it's very core-heavy and melodic" music in the works, other members Steve Lacy, Jameel Bruner, Patrick Paige II, and Chris Smith also have solo music currently being made. Their new the Internet album can be expected in spring 2017.