New York synth-pop duo Saint Marilyn is gearing up for the release of its new EP, Tangle. The release -- coming on May 18 from the band's Che Houston and Kevin Marksson -- is shaping up to be one of the spring's best, thanks to tracks like their new single, 'Jaws.'

For synth-pop aficionados, we can start with the fact that Chris Coady mixed 'Jaws' (and the rest of Tangle, for that matter. Coady, of course, has been one of the biggest producers/engineers over the past several years, helping bands like Beach House, Future Islands, and Slowdive flesh out their synth-heavy records in recent years. His touch is felt here, but it would be nothing if not for Saint Marilyn's exhilarating track. Filled with breathless energy and raw emotion, 'Jaws' possesses an air of existential dread -- the kind of all-consuming dread you can't help but feel engrossed by.

"I started writing the lyrics to 'Jaws' at a time when I felt really overwhelmed by the city, and the places that should have helped me feel grounded -- like my apartment or favorite bar -- started to feel suffocating instead," explains Marksson.

"Calling the song 'Jaws' was a wink to the movie theme, except in this case the shark is a feeling of existential dread," he continues. "The urgency and repetition in the music was just a happy coincidence that really mirrored the theme."

You can stream Saint Marilyn's 'Jaws' down below, and you can pre-order the band's forthcoming EP, Tangle, here.