As their name suggests, Soviet evokes the cold, icy feel of the late 70s and early 80s through a cinematic blend of authentic sounds and punchy song craft. Nearly two years since the release of their 2015 album Ghosts, the band is ready to begin sharing some new songs. The first of these is 'Alyson,' a thrilling new single that evokes the best of post-punk, dark wave and synthpop.

Band leader Keith Ruggiero has committed himself to the construction of grade-A electronic music, seamlessly blending the sounds of yesteryear and today. Guitar tones reminiscent of New Order's 'Elegia' create a palpable sense of dread, while a vintage kick drum and twinkly synths swirl together to form a danceable rhythm. Ruggiero's vocals, particularly on the chorus, draw the listener's mind to the best moments of 80s dark wave such as 'Obsession' and 'Everyday is Halloween.'

Listen to 'Alyson' and check out a Q&A with Ruggiero below.

How did 'Alyson' come about? What were some of the track's major influences?

I was listening to a lot of early 4AD, Mute, Wax Trax!-era bands that inspired 'Alyson.' It's like an amalgamation of Clan of Xymox, Cabaret Voltair and Suicide, with a hint of John Maus. I've been wanting to explore this sound for sometime and it felt right and came naturally when it just manifested in a brief moment of inspiration.

What kind of synths/equipment were used on the track?

I never like to reveal my secret ingredients. Let's just say it was a blend of new and old synths, and drum machines. I like it to be more about the music and less about the gear but I can understand with the current resurgence of synthesizer manufacturing that it's become a topic of interest. With that said, I'll give away two instruments we used: the Arp Odyssey and Yamaha TG33.

How did the concept for the ‘Alyson’ video come about?

I really wanted the director to capture that early 90s shoegaze/Euro-indie vibe from the early days of MTV's '120 Minutes.' I trusted our director Patrick McPheron's previous work and knew his incredible vision was a perfect fit. He was able to take it in a sensually surreal direction while maintaining that perfect balance of mystery and drab.

What are your feelings about playing ‘Alyson’ and an assortment of tracks from Ghosts for the first time during this upcoming tour?

It has been rather exhilarating. I didn't know what to expect since I've taken quite a bit of time away from the road, but the response has been amazing. It has been humbling to have old fans who remember us from our early years as well as new fans coming out to the shows across the country. I'm really looking forward to releasing the new record and to get back out there as soon as I can.

What challenges are you looking forward to confronting out on the road?

The biggest challenge on this tour has been the transition from front man with a full band down to a two-piece, me being tethered behind my synth rig. Fortunately, the songs are strong enough that people are responding really well to my new directions, so I'm optimistic on what the future has in store for Soviet. I hope to create enough interest to where I can form a larger band and tour more regularly.

Soviet is currently on tour across the U.S.

  • 02-March-17 - Brooklyn, NY, USA - Knitting Factory
  • 03-March-17 - Montreal, QC, Canada - Bar Ritz PDB
  • 04-March-17 - Toronto, ON, Canada - Silver Dollar
  • 05-March-17 - Detroit, MI, USA - El Club
  • 06-March-17 - Cleveland, OH, USA - Beachland Ballroom
  • 08-March-17 - Cincinnati, OH, USA - Motr Pub
  • 09-March-17 - Fort Wayne, IN, USA - Brass Rail
  • 10-March-17 - Chicago, IL, USA - Empty Bottle
  • 11-March-17 - St. Paul, MN, USA - Turf Bar
  • 12-March-17 - Omaha, NE, USA - Waiting Room
  • 14-March-17 - Lawrence, KS, USA - Bottleneck
  • 15-March-17 - Denver, CO, USA - Lost Lake
  • 16-March-17 - Salt Lake City, UT, USA - Metro Music Hall
  • 17-March-17 - Las Vegas, NV, USA - Bunkhouse
  • 18-March-17 - Phoenix, AZ, USA - Valley Bar
  • 19-March-17 - Tucson, AZ, USA - 191 Toole