Amidst all his righteous, often vital, political anger of late, if you hadn't noticed, T.I. has had quite the family drama unfolding the past few years. I have little interest on going tabloid, but in so much as it relates to the Atlanta staple's latest single, it's perhaps necessary to know that T.I. has nearly suffered the dissolution of his marriage.

Speaking on his latest song, which debuted during an interview with Zane Lowe, 'The Amazing Mr. Fuck Up', as well as his approaching return to the limelight, Dime Trap, T.I. reveals, "The first time I musically addressed some of the challenges and transgressions that I have had as a husband. I’ve always kind of shied away from even speaking on those types of topics in my music. I felt like this is a time where the music is dope. I just felt that I had to lay it out, I had to put my cards face up on the table."

This song certainly presents nothing less, offering up some bracingly self-aware, wistful musings on the part of Clifford Harris. The beat is perhaps too low key for its own good, but when you make yourself the star of your own show as successfully as T.I. does here, it hardly matters. His mistakes and insights undoubtedly stand paramount here. Listen up via Apple Music. You can also check out the song, and T.I.'s interview with Mr. Lowe in full, below.