TÃLÃ has announced she'll be releasing a new six-track project called MALIKA, which follows her The Duchess and Alchemy EPs. MALIKA will feature various guests, including Banks, Atiye and Sylas. Listen to 'Tell Me' - which finds her collaborating with Wa$$up and Mssingno:

"I love to collaborate," she says of the EP. "Orchestrating MALIKA took me around the world working with some amazing producers, rappers, singers and instrumentalists from Turkey, Egypt, Korea and the US as well as the UK."

MALIKA is out on September 30th via Columbia Records; tracklisting is below.

  • 1. TĀLĀ & MssingNo feat. WA$$UP – 'Tell Me' (말해줘)
  • 2. TĀLĀ feat. Banks – 'Wolfpack'
  • 3. TĀLĀ feat. Sadat & Alaa Fifty – 'Enta Ayez' (You Wish)
  • 4. TĀLĀ - 'Passport Pimpin’'
  • 5. TĀLĀ feat. Atiye – 'As I Am' (Olduğum Gibi)
  • 6. TĀLĀ & Sylas – 'Praise'