Following up last year where he released two singles, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Alex Bloom is back with yet another new single, but one of entirely different nature.

'Cigarette' is a high-energy, indie rock gem that veers drastically from Bloom’s mellower material from the past, i.e. 2018’s ‘Elevator.’ Moving from the sweet, melancholic folk that’s become synonymous with Bloom, his sound has inhaled just the right amount of secondhand smoke, exhaling an infectious and fuzzy freak-folk number that even leans a bit garage.

With this musical shift, Bloom’s latest brandishes tongue-in-cheek humor made obvious through the song’s incessantly catchy lyrics: “no regrets / no regrets / no regrets cigarette / chemo and a cigarette / gold hoops and a cigarette / Abercrombie sweater / headin for the deep end / payin 99 cents for a / motherfuckin cigarette.”

Here are Bloom’s words regarding his clever reflection on the ironic rebellious nature of smoking and when the concept of the song first saw life:

"Cigarette is based on a poem I wrote during my time living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Originally the poem was much longer and called ‘My Neighborhood’ because people from all walks of life on my street were smoking cigarettes. I was thinking about the inherent rebellion in the act of smoking, and how that rebellion turns out ultimately to be morbidly ironic. For example: someone frail smoking in a wheelchair may as well have been giving the finger to the grim reaper (the distorted guitars in the chorus embody that mentality). This isn’t an anti or pro-smoking song; it’s just a snapshot of that time in my life.”

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