A few weeks before the official unveiling of her newest four-track EP Trust, Bulgarian-born and Berlin-raised artist DENA has introduced her jubilant, coursing pop bash 'I Like You/I Lied To You'.

Speaking with The Fader about the song, DENA writes, "I wrote this song in one breath in a jam with my friend Michel Collet, who played the guitar and bass. I wanted to reflect on the contradiction that love can become when there is fear of losing involved. It's about building imaginary walls thinking that you can save yourself or the other person from heartbreak."

"'Trust' is about the moment when your comfort zone within a relationship is shaken up," DENA continued in a press release. "I basically wanted to freeze that moment and observe it through a bunch of different angles. It's like navigating through the calmness before the storm before you take the decision of either to freak out or stay cool and move on."

Listen to 'I Like You/I Lied To You' below and pre-order the Trust EP, arriving September 2nd on Normal Surround.