With their new album Perfect Body due for release on the 4th of August through Flying Nun Records, Wellington-based psyche-rockers Mermaidens have just unveiled the music video for their new single 'Satsuma.' Directed by Ezra Simons, and styled and art directed by Mermaidens members Gussie and Lily - who also star in it - the 'Satsuma' visual is masterful. Making use of cohesive '60s/'70s aesthetics, highly-rebloggable colour blocking, and the sort of eerie command of mood that connects Italian horror director Dario Argento, David Lynch, and the recently revitalised psychomagic pioneer Alejandro Jodorowsky, it's a perfect fit with the actual song.

'Satsuma' was shot in Gussie’s family home in Wellington, New Zealand. It's a '70s period building that was refurbished by a local nightclub owner in the '80s. As she explains: "There's lots of sleazy features like a grey leather 'conversation pit', black marble faux fireplace and of course a sauna and indoor pool. We were really lucky to have access to such a cinematic environment." Many of the '60s aesthetic touches come from her parent's extensive collection of retrofuturist furniture and clothing. Coupled with the years Gussie had spent collecting vintage clothing, books, accessories; they had a lot to work with.

Conceptually, the 'Satsuma' visual also references the representation of women in the 1970s and the expected female archetypes of the time. As Gussie says; "I love all the adverts and editorials in magazines from that time – some of which we feature in the video. There’s something grotesque about these women who are supposed to be sexy, domestic and intelligent at the same time. Their outfits are really great though!"

Musically speaking, 'Satsuma' is as good an entry point as any into Perfect Body, and beyond that, Mermaiden's ongoing soundworld. Warm harmonies, dreamlike lyrics and hypnotic verbal repetition dance with darkly atmospheric riff-driven melodies, and although the song delves deeply into the rougher moments of bad relationships coming unstuck, it ends on a lighter refrain about the light beyond the brooding clouds. The visual reflects this, as Lily explains: "As with our songwriting, we like to take people on a journey that they can’t necessarily predict. Haunting? Perhaps it’s the direct gaze or eerie domestic familiarity."

'Satsuma' is out now. Perfect Body is due for release on the 4th of August through Flying Nun Records. You can pre-order it here. Would you like a copy on bright orange vinyl?