Ever feel exhausted from constantly putting on an air? Well Axel Mansoor has seamlessly captured that relatable feeling in his latest single 'London Grey'. Highlighting dreamy soundscapes, feathery guitars and aching lyrics, the track is a narration of a perfect escape to comfort. It details the craving to run back home to a familiar place where you can just be yourself. A plea to de-stress, he sings, “lately I haven’t felt, felt quite as energetic/ I think this place is getting, a little too demanding.” Axel Mansoor’s ready to break away from the strains of daily life and ironically enough, seek shelter in the grey weather of a gloomy London day.

Mansoor is a huge believer in mindfulness. After a period of depression, he used meditation as a way to center and clear his head. Through that practice, he’s able to free his mind and just let go, which has helped his creativity immensely. He finds release in a pre-performance ritual of closing his eyes and taking deep breaths. Aiming to find gratitude in each moment, 'London Grey' is about being thankful for those places you can call home.

With sincere emotion-driven music that resonates with listeners, Axel Mansoor proves you can create exceptionally profound music that transcends labels. Get lost in 'London Grey' now.

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