There is a fine line between routines and ruts. We are creatures of habit, placated by the familiar, but at a certain point we hurt ourselves by not expanding our boundaries. Change is not what we fear, but rather the uncertainty of life after that change. We can assume that Perth-based producer Ukiyo and fellow Aussie FEELDS agree. Their new single, 'Something Like This', is a cautionary tale, which simply stated, encourages us to take some risks.

“If you feel nothing anymore then walk away from this,” FEELDS sings, almost as a challenge. He defines the song as a hurdle between lovers, though the lyrics leave things ambiguous. We weep for lost love, but mourning lost time spent with the wrong lover can be equally as devastating. Before we can reach that point, though, we have to recognize that being content is not happiness; in context, such an admission is this track’s backbone and namesake: “Oh, we got something like this.”

FEELDS’ silky vocals glide over Ukiyo’s finely tuned synthscape. Fans of Flume, especially his early work, will enjoy this track’s playful electronic melody, and the inclusion of a panflute may attract even more folks to Ukiyo’s diverse chillwave fabric. 'Something Like This' comes on the heels of an exciting year for Ukiyo, which saw the release of several well-received songs, including the standout 'Calling', featuring Your Girl Pho. This is the first single from his upcoming Fantasy EP, due out later this year.

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