The 25th London Fashion Week has just drawn to a close, now after a week of running around between shows, beautiful clothes, parties, free cocktails, a hell of a lot of queuing and more stress than you would ever believe, I am now on a bit of a post-fashion-week come down. It all goes by in a bit of a blur – and now I am left trying to piece together the memories. London Fashion Week has always been considered the cooler younger sister to the giants of Paris, New York and Milan. London is where young designers and recent graduates are showcased and acknowledged along side the big names and street style rules the roost.  One of the most exciting elements of London Fashion Week is one of the fringe events – Vauxhall Fashion Scout. It is held in Baden-Powell House, just next door the main LFW venue, the British Fashion Council Tent (which is normally home to the biggest shows). Each season there are about twenty catwalk shows held for Vauxhall Fashion Scout, they feature up and coming and emerging design talent; some you may have heard of, some are relatively unknown, what you can be sure of is that there is a great variety of styles, in both men’s and women’s wear. These designers stick very closely to their own personal vision, which insures an eclectic and diverse few days of fashion. On the first day of Vauxhall Fashion Scout I caught a show by new designer Alexandra Groover. It was the first time she had ever shown on a catwalk and her simple yet captivating designs based on the form of seashells and incorporating both a beautiful sense of movement and stunning architectural elements. What a fabulous way to whet my appetite for the week ahead. I have never bee any of the other major fashion weeks and much as I would love to, there is something about the spirit of creativity with London that I just feel is so perfect. The clothes here are not necessarily couture pieces of Paris, the glamour of Milan or the stylish wearability of New York – no, London is all about the dream – the designers’ vision and ability to let their creativity run wild. Take Emma Bell (also showing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout) - I can’t imagine a designer like her anywhere else, and that is a good thing! She is a total London designer through and through, taking inspiration from Leigh Bowery and the Blitz Kids who ruled the London Club Scene of the 1980s. Emma Bell brings this idea right up to date, even drafting in current London scenester and club promoter Jodie Harsh to model on the catwalk! He clothes may not be the most wearable (especially for someone like me lives in black!) but she knows how to make the most fun and fantastic show. We had music and performance from Scottee, minor celebrity spottings ("was that just ex-Big Brother twins Samanda who walked down the catwalk?!") and even cute dogs – seriously, what more could you want? However, all this take of the fringe designers is not to say that the big guns don’t know how to put on a show. Ashish stood out as the ‘On Schedule’ (official) show with the most wow factor. They had their catwalk in the Hippodrome theatre, which meant that even us at the back could see, thanks to the tiered seat! They had an acrobat dangling from the ceiling and hot singer VV Brown singing and shimming around during the show, which was all sequins, pom poms and clashing colours and prints. I felt like dancing in the aisles! Of course, it is not just all about the catwalk shows – it is also about the parties! Pink Drinks at the Metropolitan Hotel was another highlight and carried on the theme of circus and performance from the previous shows. Any party with free (pink, of course) cocktails is always a winner, team that with a glamorous transvestite doing a balloon popping dance and the cute girls from skip theatre getting the fashionista to jump around in their five inch heels and you have a recipe for a top night! The Pink Drinks party is hosted to celebrate all the designers showcasing within the Metropolitan hotel, they cleverly turn the bedrooms into showrooms for up and coming clothes and accessories designers, including British Fashions new wonder-kid William Tempest (remember that name – recently tipped by Vogue, he is going to be huge!). Clothes and cocktails – the perfect combination for a night out! And through that cocktail haze, it all has to come to an end. The glamour and parties are over for another season. Thankfully fashions come round twice a year, so we only have to wait till September for the next instalment!